TPS Graduate Program

About the Program

student working in labThe Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program (TPSGP) is a newly established 5-year Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University within the Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS). We engage students through in-depth research experiences coupled with rigorous coursework and internship opportunities to actively explore current subjects, such as, global agriculture, plant-based biotechnology, and international academia-industry interactions. This dynamic new program offers students a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary environment with themes of innovation and sustainability at its' core. The program leverages the strengths of a powerful interdisciplinary group of participating faculty that span multiple disciplines. The TPSGP is designed for exceptional and highly motivated students. Students should have the ability to work independently within a supported environment with the drive and passion necessary to do high impact research to become next-generation leaders in global plant sciences and agriculture biotechnology. This Program offers full remission of tuition and fees, a competitive stipend, and research related costs for the entire duration of the PhD.

The TPSGP is a first of its kind and aligns with OSU's Discovery Themes in Health and Wellness, Food Production and Security, Energy and Environment with emphasis in team work and One-University for One-World.

Comparison of the TPSGP and more traditional graduate programs

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  • 2 years of traditional coursework (30-40 credits)
  • 3-5 years of research
  • One degree
  • One institution
  • Laboratory experience only
  • Financial support variable 

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  • Compact & rigorous coursework (10-15 credits)
  • Research and practical experience leading to a Ph.D. in max 5 years
  • 3+ months of practical experience  (academic lab, internships, international, etc.)
  • Opportunity to pursue a Dual-Degree with partner institutions (e.g. University of São Paulo)
  • 5 years of support guaranteed by program including full remission of tuition and fees, a competitive stipend, and research related costs


You can find members of the TPS Graduate Studies Committee (TPS GSC) here [TPS GSC]. You may also find useful information by reviewing the TPS Graduate Handbook at [TPS Handbook].