Bodyguards against the cold: Ice-binding proteins in Plants

January 23, 2018

You’ve probably heard many a story of despaired farmers over lost citrus crops or home gardeners over blackened flowers and ornamental plants – all caused by frost and freezing temperatures.  Yet, not all plants succumb to the cold.  Look out any window and you’ll likely catch a glimpse


All I Want for Christmas is for my Experiment to Work

December 6, 2017

Ask any graduate student how they are doing and the answer will likely depend on how their current experiments are going. Did the growth chamber stop working overnight? Did their samples get contaminated?


What's Nano in Your Life?

December 5, 2017

When talking with the other TPS fellows after seminar recently, we began discussing applications for nanomaterials. Nanomaterials are composed of units that are 1-100nm in at least one dimension(1).